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Removing The Fail Button: Behavioral Economics and User Interface Design

After listening to talks by a number of field-leading visual designers and data scientists over the past month and being “that one irritating guy in the audience asking questions”, I’ve noticed something strange: Mention machine data, big data, IoT or any other trendy tech topic and their eyes will glaze over slightly and they’ll kick […]

The archteypal 'user'. (Getty Images: 25th September 1968: An operator using London Airport's operations computer 'Boadicea', the British Overseas Airways Digital Information Computer for Electronic Automation.

‘User experience’ in big data: Hype vs. substance

The first computer I ever used was an 80286 with a 5 megabyte hard disk and an EGA card. It ran on MS-DOS 4.0. Today, I use a two-generation-old iPhone 4S. It has orders of magnitude more power and connectivity than the first computer I ever used and it’s smaller, but what makes it truly […]