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Surprisingly, despite smoking in almost every picture ever taken of him, Debord did not die of lung cancer.

Confessions of a Recovering Socialist

So, yeah… I used to be a socialist. Now, I don’t mean the goose-stepping jackbooted socialists that haunt the nightmares of Eastern Europeans with a sense of history and paranoid Americans without a sense of history. Nor do I mean the kind of trendy quasi-Socialist street protesters that arose during the late 1990s and gained […]

Not a meme.

Banality and Transgression: The Meanings of Memes

The meme is the defining visuo-textual medium of our time. Understanding how our society makes and consumes memes is a vital condition of participating in culture. Ignorance of this phenomenon means missing out on what’s going on. The modern trend towards information-dense succinctness is arguably an outgrowth of memes (or at least a concomitant result […]

Yup, it's a meme.

Synchronicity and Resonance: The Qualities of Memes

Every meme has a synchronicity – a coincidence, a convergence of meanings of the textual and the graphical. Memes are used in communication between people when their message or intent coincide with what that person wants to say. Did you ever get a greeting card from someone with a witty little phrase on it? Have […]