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EOTech XPS2 - XPS3 - using the 2-Dot Ballistic Reticle

Fake Scopes, Fake Trauma: Fetishism In Video Game Scope Reticle Design

I’ve been playing FPS games for better than 15 years now and learning the craft of rifle and handgun shooting for the past four or so, and one thing that has always annoyed me has been scope reticles. Recently, having some time playing Call of Duty: Ghosts has made me realize that it’s gotten seriously […]

fixing a charging handle impingement

A quick note on video games and mass shootings

If you’re anti-gun, the only gun you’ve ever “interacted with” was probably in a video game. And you might think, lacking any training, that what you learned in that video game was sufficient to shoot a gun effectively in real life. In fact, looking at some of the more modern shooting games, you might even […]