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EOTech XPS2 - XPS3 - using the 2-Dot Ballistic Reticle

Fake Scopes, Fake Trauma: Fetishism In Video Game Scope Reticle Design

I’ve been playing FPS games for better than 15 years now and learning the craft of rifle and handgun shooting for the past four or so, and one thing that has always annoyed me has been scope reticles. Recently, having some time playing Call of Duty: Ghosts has made me realize that it’s gotten seriously […]

If you don't know who this is, sorry, but fuck you.

the all-encompassing moment: time, violence and the aesthetics of trauma

“Don’t listen to people who tell you that life is short and that you should do something reckless. You know better. Life is only short when you’re in agony. Otherwise, life is very damn long.” – Daniel Goldstine, psychotherapist and author Let’s start with Karl von Clausewitz. Here’s a picture, just so you have something […]

Surprisingly, despite smoking in almost every picture ever taken of him, Debord did not die of lung cancer.

Confessions of a Recovering Socialist

So, yeah… I used to be a socialist. Now, I don’t mean the goose-stepping jackbooted socialists that haunt the nightmares of Eastern Europeans with a sense of history and paranoid Americans without a sense of history. Nor do I mean the kind of trendy quasi-Socialist street protesters that arose during the late 1990s and gained […]